5 Tips to save money by shopping locally
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It is said “You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy
Local & That’s Kind of the Same Thing”  With many Designers & Shopping
outlets available in the market, most of us tend to rely on big brands. But,
how many of us get to feel that we have spent more than what we were supposed

It is not a bizarre that the term shopping can bring a big smile
on one’s face! Shopping acts as a stress buster or many & to some it
costs a lot with time & money as assets. We are in an era where every
minute is considered quite crucial and money as the driver for everything . Are
you one among the shopping sprees who would like to save money with time

Let us discuss few tips which can be tried out while hitting the stores :-  

1. Know Your Local Stores :

How would you know about great deals provided by the local stores
without even peeping into the stores? Next time you plan to go shopping, for a
while, forget about the double priced namesake discount offers showered by
famous brands. Knowing about your local stores can be a great help to save your
time & money & save your energy by having the details of the stores

2. Follow The Local Stores Having Social Presence :

ensuring to have a social presence these days to get in touch with diverse set
of fashion-loving audience.By following various set of local store pages over
Instagram, Facebook or on any page where the local stores have a presence, one
can easily get to know the special deals and discounts offered along with
coupon codes. So before you hit your step out, click on the social links of the
stores to know more!! 

3.Don’t Hung Up on Single Store :

Many settle down at their comfort zones and forget to explore the
varieties available around the local outlets! Next time you settle down with a
store assuming it to be the only store with all the benefits, beware you are
missing many outlets with the best deals and varieties. Hitting various stores,
always lets you as an individual understand the retail prices being followed in
the market,as well as enable you to compare the price tags on all the outfits
and chose the best out of all.

4. Pay With Cash :

Though this is a digital era, many feel comfortable with
their handy credit/debit cards. Have you ever observed, most of the local
dealers would prefer accepting cash? Just to provide comfort to their
customers, local dealers often bear extra charges for maintaining swipe
machines. Paying the bills with cash not only helps the local dealers to save
their money but often reminds you about your wallet limit to be spent&
helps you to deal with cash crunch for the rest of the month/year 

5. Buy Handmade Items :

Do you remember the woollen sweaters woven by our mothers in
childhood with our favourite designs over them,now that we call them as
customised designs. Isn’t it? It was one of the few methods our mother’s opted
to save few bucks! Well, that was a short moment to cherish our childhood. But,
to get back to the point of saving money,handmade customised items will always
be available over the local stores which will be definitely cheaper &
reasonable.These dealers opt to sell the items directly avoiding the deals with
middleman. Buying these items not only let you get the best quality but also
gives you a homemade feel . 

If you want to try out the local deals , next time, try out
finding the details of the outfits,With the help of #Fashopi, a virtual
informer with the details about the #fashion around you

image credits : cdn.fashionmagazine


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