Turn your store Into a brand and get more exposure
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How To Turn Your Store Into A Brand and get more exposure? What’s in a brand?

The only question
which many of us ask yourself but, we tend to put a step forward for buying the
branded stuff most of the time. Isn’t it? But, why do we buy branded stuff? What makes a
product or store to become a brand? Did you happen to dig into the efforts put
by the most talked about brands? I guess, the answer
would be NO!!

Without any effort, I bet not even a single product/store
would have been a brand this day. Are you ready to explore how your store can
be turned into a brand? Let us discuss the major factors which had let most of
the stores to become a brand.

1.Identify Your
Customers :

A product or a store
doesn’t turn into a brand overnight. Many Strategical moves have to be taken to
get the brand status. Demographics play a huge role in understanding the
customer behaviour. With the analytical data of the customers, it is always
easy to serve the needs of ideal customers. With the customer psychographics, positioning
of the product/store as a brand would be more meaningful. For Example, a boutique/store
runs its business with a different type of clothing following the latest trends
of fashion. What Could have been their first step to setup a store? Getting
updated with the fashion trends, preferences of people, location where the
store has to be set and the pricing of the clothing matching with the locality
would be the first step while establishing a store Considering the demographics
as the main factor helps the store to connect with the customers easily in the
later stage of the business

2. Connect With

New stores always
have a big challenge to gain the confidence of people. The stores could be
anything. Be it clothing, jewellery , electronic appliances etc .What matters
is how they are connecting with people!! You have a customer entering the
store. What do you do? Please them!! “First Impression is the best impression”
The important point any of the stores should follow is to perceive the future
customer and listen to their needs. - Having the best quality products within
the store is the first step in attracting the customer who at a later stage
will spread the word about the product. Yes, we can call it as “Customer
Evangelism”. - Reasonable pricing of the quality products within the store
always lets the customer suggest their friends, peers, and communities


3. Quality Should be Priority  :

Loyal Customers aren’t easy to gain. It’s worth working for.
Best products come with the best quality and that is what the customers look
for. Every individual seeks to have the best of what they own. In the case of
Boutiques, meeting the customer expectations is the most important factor.
Customers represent the brand and the brand should be known for its best
quality. Customers love to have the best thing with them and they will be
always ready to talk about their happiness with others. Giving more than what
the customer expects always leads to customer loyalty and enhances the branding
of the store.

4. Recognise the Reactions of Your Customers :

Now that as a business the store turns out to be successful
in connecting with the customers. It’s time to follow the experiences faced by
the customers. Yes, valuing the customer always plays a key role in
establishing a brand. Following up the customers and getting to know about
their feedback always helps out in improving the services and expanding the
business. Continuing with the example of the boutique, let us consider a
customer goes out of the store with a customised designer wear for an occasion.
Looking into the customer experience with the outfit always gives the customer
a feel of personal touch which in turn helps to increase the brand value

5. Feature Customers On Your Social Pages :

With the rise of
social platforms like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram; various businesses happened
to have their existence on these platforms to connect with their customers and
followers. For a boutique, connecting with the followers and the existing
customers shouldn’t be a tough task. Following the fashion have always been the
trend among the people and they will take any step to get updated about the
happenings in the fashion industry. Post follow up with the customers,
requesting them to share their experience after wearing the outfit through a
perfect picture and featuring the same over your social platform either by you
as a store or by the customer enhances your brand to be a considered as a
priority by the customers. Putting the customers in the limelight always make
them feel special and thus it can become your most valuable marketing asset

6. Reward Your Customers :

Constantly improving the brand is a great way to
keep the customers loyal . After every transaction from the store, getting the
feedback about the services, quality and future expectations lets you as a
store to get the outlook of the customer experience. Customers are the reason
behind any of the products to be turned into a brand. As a sign of being
thankful , the stores should always reward the customers for being loyal to the
brand Most of the retail stores introduced reward points being added to customer
account after every successful transaction. The retail stores maintain the
details of the customers ;segregates the loyal customers and the not so
frequently visiting customers. 

With all this data, it becomes easy for the
store to strategize on how to retain the customers. With all these main factors
, it would be easier for a store to reach targeted customers and build a strong
basement for the business to grow and in turn get the aimed brand status.

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